Hello, I’m Jan Toennemann, Expert for Functional Safety,
Digital Photographer and Electronic Music Producer.

I aspire consistency and integrity

I strive for balance and composure

I advance research and development

I excel at managing complexity

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Welcome to my online presence! This page shall serve as a small profile of mine to give you an idea of who I am as a person, independent of any social media accounts. Feel invited to scroll through and follow up on anything that sparks your interest!
The first section contains a listing of my core values, which shape both my personal as well as my professional life. Following that, there is an aggregation of topics & technologies with which I have attained experience with and attributes I identify with. The representation in a dynamic tag cloud avoids the mapping to a numerical scale. Before listing several ways to get in contact with me at the bottom, there is a short gallery of some of the shots I have taken recently as well as electronic music productions I have created. Feel free to contact me about any of these topics or items to get more details. I am always open to interesting discussions!

Any views expressed here solely reflect my personal opinion and are entirely unrelated to my employer as well as people related to me or part of my social circle. Should you feel discontent with any of the statements voiced here, please contact me via the available channels.


Gratitude is an immense motivator of mine. Focusing not only on the future, but on the past and present as well, just being thankful for what was and is. Nothing is perfect or permanent, but there is intrinsic beauty in both imperfection and change.
Being grateful for lucky encounters and uplifting chances while not holding a spite against deviations from a planned path allow to enjoy the vast majority of life without being brought down by matters out of one's own hands. Focusing on the good sides of what happens is not naïve, but merely optimistic.


Calmness and tranquility bestow inner peace and prevent regret. Unless requiring immediate action, situations often can be resolved more efficiently by the subconscious parts of one's mind. While determination is admirable, it can be detrimental as soon as it turns into obsession.
Acknowledging that to a large extent, emotions originate within oneself and can thus be mindfully governed, unnecessary haste can be avoided and effort can be directed towards a more polished, complete outcome without stress.


During everyday life, we filter out the vast majority of impressions surrounding ourselves. This is required to maintain focus, but can lead to getting routine-blinded and missing out on important cues, effectively hindering progress by maintaining too much of a focus.
Taking a few steps back and focusing on sensing the ambience, pausing for a brief period to just take in the moment, may allow to obtain a new perspective on what was thought to be entirely seen through.


Regardless of the actual domain, I have made the experience that nearly everything in life is a matter of perspective – and that no perspective can capture anything in its entirety.
Thus I have taken to viewing everything with a holistic point-of-view, acknowledging that no model can reflect a system's or entity's behavior altogether. By adapting this mentality, the significance of multidisciplinary approaches to challenges has gained an immense amount of value in both my private life as well as work and research.


Recent times have shown us in an unforgiving way that nothing in life can be taken for granted. Adaptability means to me accepting things that cannot currently be changed and focusing on where a positive impact actually can be made.
In modern times there is so much more information available than we can realistically process, which is why I would also class the art of prioritization as part of adaptability. Not clinging to former conceptions but going with the flow, integrating change and adapting to new circumstances has been a key factor for both my personal as well as professional emergence.


Just as Oscar Wilde once said: Everything in moderation, including moderation, I do strongly believe in the importance of balance in life.
Observing matters from a variety of different angles allows to pass one's own judgement instead of just taking on an existing, biased view. Assuming one's own perception to not be skewed to some degree would be naïve, but building an independent impression of phenomena allows to build a frame of reference originating from one's own personality while also extending the boundaries of the individual horizon.


The key to developing a solid identity, in my opinion, is to stay true to one's self. For me this begins with honesty and respect, both towards oneself as well as towards other individuals.
Maintaining a sense of persistence allows to react to events based on an individual foundation instead of simply following a majority. Consistency is key to advancement both in the inner and outer world and trust is earned by establishing a solid authority representing one's genuine core to the outside not just through words but via actions.


While I value work also as the process to gaining knowledge, I strongly believe that whenever there is potential to automate & optimize, this chance shall be taken.
This does not mean that all such labour shall be immediately replaced, especially if there is joy to be taken from the work, then by no means must it be replaced. But having the option to automate the task allows to both accomplish the task while also focusing on different matters, increasing the efficiency while reducing the required workload.

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